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We want to show you a more modern take on the classics.

We believe that the people need more of a choice when it comes to food.

Let us together get more in touch with the culinary world.

We are a vibrant young team with experience working all over Europe

in restaurants and catering companies. We want to take our passion

and love of cooking and entertaining, and bring it to your event.

We will be with you every step of the way giving you a personal and friendly service.

Completely Customisable Cuisine

At restaurant '681' we take our passion for fine dining and share it with you in a personalised, professional and friendly manner.​

We start with an informal discussion about your event - your likes, your dislikes and the atmosphere you wish to achieve. We follow up with a customised selection of menus and dishes for you to choose. From there we can fine-tune every element of your dining experience.


We are here for you!

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